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About Us

Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA) is a Statutory Body established in the year 2000 in accordance with the Electricity Act 1999 (Chapter 145 Laws of Uganda) to regulate the generation, transmission, distribution, sale, export & import of electrical energy in Uganda, and to guide the liberalization of the electricity industry, manage licensing, rates, safety and other matters concerning the electricity industry.

Electricity Regulatory Authority has a policy organ; “The Authority” composed of five non-executive members headed by the Chairman, Mr. Richard Santo Apire. The Secretariat, composed of professionals in different fields, is headed by a Chief Executive Officer.


The Electricity Regulatory Authority’s Regulatory mandate is to supervise all licensed companies within the electricity sector to ensure they comply with the Electricity Act 1999 and Regulations thereto, and to safeguard all stakeholders’ often competing interests.

In performance of its functions, the Authority ensures that electricity companies comply with the conditions of their licenses and protects the interests of electricity consumers in respect of:-

  1. the prices, charges and other terms of supply of electricity; and
  2. the quality, efficiency, continuity and reliability of the supply services.

The principle goal of ERA is to contribute to the development of a vibrant, well-regulated, private sector-driven electricity sector capable of supporting Uganda’s sustainable development and promoting the country’s strategic interests in the regional Electricity Supply Industry (ESI).


Recognizing its centrality in the functioning of this privatized and liberalized industry, ERA has placed thrust on six key strategic objectives that form the bedrock of her work output to enhance the regulatory framework and stimulate adequate investment, growth & coverage in the electricity network that will bring about efficient generation & delivery of quality electricity. Our key objectives are:-

  1. To establish and manage a regulatory framework that provides incentives for generation and delivery of affordable quality electricity to different consumers, especially in Uganda and in the region in general.
  2. To provide incentive-based regulation that enables/stimulates adequate investment, growth & coverage in the network.
  3. To be a source of comprehensive information on the electricity industry in Uganda.
  4. To provide a conducive work environment that attracts & retains high calibre competent human resource in a competitive labour market.
  5. To ensure ERA’s sustainability.
  6. To promote & foster regional cooperation in electricity regulatory matters.

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