ERA - Electricity Regulatory Authority

Government Launches Public Utility Court

In May 2017, the Judicial arm of the Government of Uganda launched a special court to handle cases related to theft of electricity and water, vandalism of water and power equipment and related cases in other sectors such as Telecommunications and Trade.

Commissioned by the Chief Justice of Uganda, His Lordship Hon. Bart Katureebe, the Court will handle cases resulting from the operations of Utility providers such as Umeme Limited, National Water and Sewerage Corporation, telecommunications companies and the Uganda National Bureau of Standards. Domiciledat Buganda Road, the Court will be headed by Chief Magistrate Mawanda Eremye, assisted by two Grade One Magistrates - Gladys Kamasanyu and Marion Mangeni.

According to the Electricity Regulatory Authority, the Utility Court is an important milestone especially for the Electricity Supply Industry that has for long grappled with the challenge of power theft and other electricity-related offences. With this Court in place, it is expected that the offences in the Industry will significantly reduce, translating into greater efficiency and improved reliability and quality of service for electricity consumers.

While speaking at the launch, the Deputy Managing Director of Umeme Limited, Mr. Sam Zimbe, noted that even before its official launch, the Court had been instrumental in dealing with cases of power theft, contributing to a decrease in the vice from 40% to 19%. 

Last Updated on Thursday, 10 August 2017 12:09